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Date:2004-06-09 19:24
Subject::: sniffs ::
Mood: tired

Hayfever blues..:: wipes nose :: well Tim got knocked out of the Stella Artois championships today along with Greg Rusedski yesterday, a little disappointed, won't be as fun to watch now, just have to watch either Hewitt or Roddick win now :: sighs :: well at least Tim's got another chance - Wimbledon, but I'm not holding my breath, he's fun to watch I guess what with the Hen-mania and people keep on shouting "Come on Tim!". Once he retires it won't be half as fun to watch...:(

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Date:2004-04-05 04:24
Mood: morose

A little survey I've done..like really interesting :DCollapse )

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Date:2004-04-03 01:18
Subject:ooo scary..
Mood: tired

Well didn't do any tricks or anything..surprisingly neither did Dad :: raises eyebrow :: just watched Halloween H2O, Laurie (Jamie Lee Curtis) beheaded Michael..but I just read in the synopsis of the latest Halloween, that she beheaded the ambulance driver whose got Michael's mask on...DOH! Damn it..I was so glad when he died but oh no he didn't really die :: smacks head :: then Laurie gets killed in the latest film :: cries :: I hate it when main characters die..

I did call up my friend last night, we chatted for about a hour and a half..it was ok, we caught up, university stuff, guy stuff..the usual. I'm still on a mission to get my sleep schedule back in check and actually do some revising..getting really boring to hear I know..

ugh Buffy (the character not exactly the show) got on my nerves middle of Season 2 onwards..she developed such an ego..ugh. & Amanda my fav potential dies in the finale (season 7) soo not fair..ah well. I'm actually tired now and it's only 1:40am lol *only*, but as soon as I hit the bed, my mind says nope not gonna go asleep..lol I talk shite when I'm tired or really drunk :D oo that weird thing in 'Jeepers Creepers' just ripped out a guy's heart...nice.

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Date:2004-03-26 21:11
Mood: okay

A year and a half since my last entry, guess I've been preoccupied, kinda interested in starting a journal up again, maybe in a different name..watch this space! But I have a short attention span, and can get really busy from time to time so no guarantees..but I miss the old net life :nod:

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Date:2002-10-24 20:14
Mood: lethargic

Yay half term soon, but I start work 8.30 in the morning on Saturday :(, my first job ever - Woolworths, and have a full day of college tomorrow, oh well gotta suck it up, don't like doing it though. I've got plenty of homework to do in the half term as well, but I'm gonna get some sleep and computer games in :) and of course the net!

Eating yummy sweet popcorn at the moment, but I got homework to do ::sighs:: <- definite sign of an rpg addict! lol

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Date:2002-10-17 18:36
Subject:Sex and the City
Mood: sleepy

Which Sex and the City Character Are You?

brought to you by Quizilla

I wanted to be her yay! Anywayz I've finished that History essay from before but still got a ton to do oh well, it's the last year of these A-Levels it's expected I guess :) Oh and I love the new Darius song - Rushes, it's soo cool..

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Date:2002-10-08 19:14
Mood: cranky

Thought I'd update, since the prophecy is down at the moment, and just say that I got this damn history essay to do that's due in for tomorrow, and I really can't be bothered to do it, I hate it when these things happen I don't like writing essays about information that I don't have a complete grasp on, so this sucks, plus I got a bit of a headache where is a prophecy fix when you need one..?

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Date:2002-09-17 16:38
Mood: sore

To start off check out this cool quiz:

Take the Final Fantasy X personality test here! by heycookie

I can't believe I got Rikku, I suppose I share some attributes, but being perky is one thing I'm not lol I'm a combination of Yuna, Lulu and Rikku imo, not too complicated eh?

Anywayz CB (a charmed board) is gone for the time being which sucks!

I'm still on the Jecht boss on FFX, cos after college I'm mostly too tired or ill to play it..right now my head feels like it's stuck in a vice and being tightened now and again, and I'm aching all over (I'm not used to carrying a bag, with books etc. in it), it'll pass hopefully..

Have I mentioned I joined the FFXRP? Well anyway I'm playing Tidus, but it hasn't got started yet..

I'm gonna be watching Signs soon, apparently it's good, except for a few bits like the ending, but I'll judge for myself..

Damn I hope I'm not getting tooo ill (as she blows her nose), oh if you're interested in FF Forums then go here I'm Yunie there, I only just joined recently, but it's cool there..ok off to do more surfing or put my head on a pillow, *sigh*


Feel free to comment on anything and everything :)

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Date:2002-09-04 20:13
Subject:Hello again...
Mood: blah

Isn't "hello again" a film that stars Shelley Long? Hmm just wondering.. Anyway..

I'm soo tired right now. I had to walk all around town today (I'm not used to exercise, I'm soo unfit) I had to get my friend a b-day present for her 18th, VERY difficult, she has no distinctive interests. I went on her fav colour which is purple, I went for the usual bath stuff, I got bath stuff in a purple bag from Body Shop, it was £15 but it got cut half price, which was good. Her party is on Friday, not exactly looking forward to it, but I'll be there for her (I'm not a party person).

Anywayz I watched The Others yesterday, I figured out the ending before it happened it was really easy, and not that scary at all, I give it a 3/5, I've watched Men In Black 2 already "you did not see a room with big shiny guns.." "save us mister black man", quite funny..I didn't like Scooby Doo much, a load of c**p if you ask me, I liked the switch bodies bit though.

Well I'm in the Omega Ruins on FFX, very difficult monsters with high HP and good attacks, I've died loads, I get ambushed then I get bio, confuse, berserk on me and die, and there's no way to get out of it which is very annoying, and that tomberry annoys the hell out of me, I like his voodoo attack though, I saw a little bahamut, aww, ahem.

Has anyone noticed that the song In The End by Linkin Park, is used a lot for FF videos and I've seen it used for Dragonball Z too. I'm currently downloading a FFX video with the song as the backing for it, looks ok so far.

Back to college Monday, I guess I'm sticking with History, but still unsure though..oh well.

Oh and I haven't really had the chance to look at other communities yet, so I'm gonna have a look now :) till later..


Feel free to comment on anything and everything :)

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Date:2002-09-03 00:12
Mood: indescribable

"If I could, then I would, I'll go wherever you will go, way up high, or down low, I'll go wherever you will go"

Listening to one of my favourite songs ever, just such a cool song and band and album and shutting up now.

I hate leaving things until the last minute, it hangs over your head, and I tend to worry about them at night, which isn't good, cos I want to sleep then.

Anyway nearly completed FFX, I'm in the airship and I can travel wherever I want before I go and fight Sin, which is cool, cos there's still more aeons to get and cool things to do.

I checked out a community called the al-bhed society or something, and everyone talks in al-bhed, one question-why?? Unless they have a translator or they can actually do it, I don't think I could be bothered to. For those thinking wtf is she talking about, I'm talking about a language that is spoken on FFX, like oui=you and s=m, you can learn the language as you go along in the game.

My fav music in that game is the Besaid theme, Yuna's theme, Zanarkand theme, Seymour boss theme and Mount Gagazet theme, I haven't listened to all the different music yet though.

As you can tell I love this game and recommend it lots!

Ok off to find other communities, post on boards, and to say get well soon Lace!


Feel free to comment on anything and everything :)

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Date:2002-08-31 00:25
Mood: contemplative

This is a continuation of the last post, cos I didn't want the last post getting too long.

Ok I've joined two communities, FF10 and FFFreaks, they're pretty cool, I may be joining more soon.

Today I played FFX, and beat Seymour Flux (suprisingly easily, which was a little disappointing I expected a tough fight oh well), and now I'm at the mountain cloister of trials.

I also did a bit of History homework today, I'm reading about Russia, in the early 20th century, in preparation for coursework, I'm little confused about what subjects to continue onto A-Level, it's either I drop History or Psychology, I dunno..argh!

Hmm I should find out what those to do lists are about..sorry I went off into my own lil thought bubble then..

I didn't get much sleep last night, so was left feeling a bit lethargic today, I will get to bed earlier tonight that's if I can actually get to sleep.

Who loves Pure Orange Juice? I do, I do, I do-oo omg I sound like kell from kenan & kell, I will shutup now. But I do love the stuff..

Yet another long post, I might get used to these.

Feel free to comment on anything and everything ;) no flaming I hope though :P

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Date:2002-08-30 00:07
Mood: stressed

Today, I've updated the settings of this journal of mine, but I found all the cool stuff you could do was to paid accounts only which was ANNOYING. But nevermind, I don't think it looks too bad at the moment, at least I got a background graphic in. Did I mention I'm a rambler? Another thing I wanted to change the font, but doing that puts the background image on every page which DOESN'T look good, so I was peeved at that as well. But now I got some mood icons, and the music I currently listen to is up, so that's cool.

But then I have homework to do, TOO much to do, getting me stressed hence my mood. Also I've been munching a lot of peanuts which isn't good VERY fatty, ok using too many caps now. I'm listening to some soothing music at the moment to help relax me, the CTHD theme or the American Beauty theme tend to do it.

Also I've made a user icon, I like it, has Yuna from FFX on it, for those of you that don't know (Lacy), same with the background image, if I have time I'll do some more stuff to this tomorrow, till then cya.

Jeeeez that was a looong post!

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Date:2002-08-29 04:35

Hey just testing out my first entry, what to say? Well um it was Lacy (girlfromsouth) who referred me here, thanks for the code Lace! & all I can say now is that one of my fav message boards, nearly was shut down (I thought) today, only time will tell what will happen to it now, I won't mention which one it is, so that's all I'm saying for now until future posts, cya!

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